The AME-2020 Digital Media System

Enhance your customer's experience with completely customized video and music. The AME-2020 allows you to play a 100% custom music mix, selecting or removing music down to individual songs! The AME-2020 also allows you to play specialized announcements and other audio elements.

The AME-2020 can play two completely different music programs from the same receiver for the same price! Program overhead music with one zone and music and messaging on-hold with the other.

The AME-2020 does not use a satellite dish, tapes or CD's. The signal never fades and you never have to change a CD. The AME receiver can hold over 30,000 high-quality songs. In the middle of the night, the receiver checks with the AME servers to see if any program changes have been made.

You are in control!
You control the AME Digital Receiver by signing onto the AME website using your personal ID and password.

You set the type and volume of music for every part of the day. Every day can be different. You can change the music style every 30 minutes! The receiver will start and stop playing at a certain time, automatically!

Control one receiver or many!
Once you have set up your programming instructions, no one can change them without the password. Stop worrying about unauthorized changes to your music!

Complete the atmosphere in your establishment with a custom music service at a popular price.

Easy Installation
The AME Receiver is a simple plug & play installation. Simply plug the AME-2020 Digital Media System into a network connection and your sound system.

Dedicated Service and Warranty
AME Support Representatives are reachable via web support or phone. We're just a call or click away.

The AME Digital Receiver is covered by a replacement warranty for as long as your service is active.

Standard Features

  • 30,000+ Song Capacity
  • Specialty and Theme Music
  • Automatic Start/Stop
  • Music-on-Hold
  • Multi-zone Programming
  • Company Jingles
  • Announcements
  • Sound Effects
  • Password Protection
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Cloud-based Content Deployment Network
  • Centralized Control for Chain Operators
AME Team Support
  • Interactive Communication
  • Automatic Updates
  • Professional Design Assistance
  • Music Licensing Included