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AME offers thousands of songs arranged into
dozens of carefully designed categories. The patented AME Web interface lets you create custom music categories and music mixes, customizable down to the last song.      More

AME also offers video signage and custom on-hold
telephone programming with or without promotional announcements.      More

AME is proud to introduce our newest digital
media receiver, the AME-2020 Model 7. Slightly larger than a deck of cards, this amazing device has no moving parts and uses only 1 watt of power.      More

The AME-2020V digital receiver allows you to design custom
screen presentations containing 1080p HD video, still images, text, graphic effects, and more.  More

AME is proud to service businesses with a single
location up to some of the largest retail chains in the country. Unlike other solutions, AME allows full customization of each audio or video program.

AME offers full audio and video system design,
service and installation in the United States, Canada, and many other countries. Our installation experts will manage your rollout and make sure every due date and change is handled perfectly.      More

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